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The MAC 600 is a powerful wash light with a CMY color mixing system, 440° of pan and 306° of tilt and a fast and smooth movement. CMY color mixing system with virtually unlimited color shades and uniform color mixing. The 4-position color wheel offers red, green and blue dichroic glass filters plus 5600/3200K color temperature correction. Three focal options are available - 18° near angle, 25° standard and 65° diffusion. No tools are required to change between them. The sidelight protector controls beam projection at the point of emergence by preventing unwanted light spill. A separate mechanical shutter allows for variable strobe up to 8Hz. The specially coated aluminum dimmer controls intensity from full open to blackout with microstep smoothness.

Self-adjusting motor belts, smooth, quick adjustments. Beam shaping system dynamically changes the beam for easier coverage of facades, stages and architectural forms. The adjusted beam provides precise illumination without loss of beam intensity. The frost filter provides a soft, diffused beam - when engaged the field angle widens. A color filter adapter provides for any CTC or dichroic option. Dedicated anchoring points, a safety wire attachment point, a quarter turn fastening system and a mid-pan-range locator make for trouble free rigging. Convenient, secure snap-locks make for easy component accessibility.

A 4-digit LED readout for customized settings and programming. Error messages, lamp and fixture usage is displayed and the readout flips for easy reading in any position. A powerful 575-watt discharge lamp provides up to 2000 hours of lamp life.

martin mac 600
martin mac 600
martin mac 600
martin mac 600
martin mac 600
martin mac 600


Automated yoke-mounted Fresnel washlight designed for a 575 watt source. It features a 3-wheel CMY color mixing system with a supplemental 4-position color wheel, continuous dimming, separate shutter, combinable beam-shaping filters and frost.

PHYSICAL: length: 356 mm, width: 481 mm, height (head at maximum tilt): 652 mm, weight: 31.5 kg.

SOURCE: lamp: 575 W discharge. Base: GX 9.5, Osram HSD 575, Philips MSR 575/2.

CONTROL AND PERFORMANCE: automatic and/or remote, on/off. Light output: (standard 25°configuration) 20,500 lumens.

THERMAL: maximum ambient temperature (Ta): 40° C, maximum surface temperature: 140° C. Total heat dissipation: 2560 Btu/hr.

CONTROL AND PROGRAMMING: data pinout: pin 1 shield, pin 2 cold (-), pin 3 hot (+). Receiver: Opto-isolated RS-485. Setting and addressing via: LED control panel, MP2 Uploader. Protocols:USITT DMX-512 (1990), Martin RS-485. Movement control: tracking and/or vector. DMX Channels: 10 - 14. Data input: locking 3-pin XLR male. Data output: locking 3-pin XLR female.

AC SUPPLY. AC input: 3 m trailing cable w/o cord cap. 200/230/245 V, 50 Hz. Maximum power and current.

ELECTROMECHANICAL: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow filter: 0 - 100%. Color wheel: 4 colors + open and split positions. Dimmer: 0 - 100%. Shutter: flash up to 8 Hz. Beam shaper 1: 0 -180°. Beam shaper 2: 0 - 90°. Frost: on/off. Pan: 440°, 32,768 position. Tilt: 306°, 45,567 position.

CONSTRUCTION: housing steel and aluminum with molded plastic yoke covers. Black color. Metal finish: electrostatic powder coating. Protection factor: IP 20, IP 44 with Outdoor Protection Dome.

INSTALLATION: mounting points: 8 pairs of 1/4-turn, locks, offset 45°. Minimum installation distance, center-to-center: 457 mm. Minimum distance to combustible materials: 1 m. Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 1 m.. 2 x Omega brackets.