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The CDJ-400 allows DJs to play their MP3 collection off CD-R/RW discs as well as music from mass storage USB devices, such as USB keys, external hard drives and portable media devices. The deck also features the world’s first Scratch Jog Effects, with three creative scratch effects and an amazing Loop Divide function. Virtually all of the button and slider functions can send MIDI data via USB output, making it possible for the decks to control DJ software and other applications.

Digital media playback The CDJ-400 handles CD Audio and MP3 files from CD, while USB connectivity lets DJs draw upon sound libraries on external storage devices. Through the push-selection Rotary Scroll Wheel and Back Button, users can navigate files and folders.MIDI control via USB

Illuminated Jog Wheel

A 115mm illuminated platter. You can choose from six different patterns of Jog Wheel illumination and even personalise your own CDJ 'slip mats' or jog sheets.

Scratch Jog Effects

In addition to the Digital Jog Break Effects (JET, WAH and ROLL) found in CDJ Mode, Pioneer serves up the world's first Scratch Jog Effects, BUBBLE, TRANS and WAH, in vinyl mode. BUBBLE simulates a scratch technique and is great for spin backs, while TRANS is like rhythmically transforming with a mixer’s cross fader and WAH resembles the guitar Wah pedal.

Beat Loop Divide

Easily adjustable (- and +) buttons during loop playback for creating loops.

Hot Loop and Beat Loop

Four-beat Beat Loops and Hot Loops. For the latter hit the Hot Loop (In/Out point) buttons during a loop to retrigger the loop. Up to 10 Cue/Loop points per disc, for up to 920 discs, can be stored in memory and transferred by usb key between CDJ-400s.

Other Functions

Tempo range settings available: ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and WIDE. Resume function - restarts playback of a disc from the point at which it was most recently ejected. Digital Output connect to Pioneer’s range of digital DJM mixers or other studio equipment, xt Mode - displays CD-TEXT and ID3 tag information. Reverse play - instant reverse play. Shock-Proof Memory and Pioneer Oil Damper Float construction. High-quality 7x5 dot matrix display

cdj 400
cdj 400
cdj 400

Disc Type: AUDIO CD, CD-R / RW & MP3 CD-ROM (MP3 files). Compatible Media: USB memory (FAT32 format, MP3 file). Frequency Response. 4 Hz-20 kHz. Signal-to-Noise Ratio, 115 dB or more (JEITA). Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.006% (JEITA). Output Terminals: AUDIO OUT (RCA), DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL). Other Terminals. CONTROL (φ3.5 mm mini plug). Audio Output Voltage, 2.0 V. Power Requirements. AC 220-240V (50 Hz/60 Hz) Power Consumption: 19 W. Dimensions (without package). 217.9 mm (W) × 296.3 mm (D) × 107.5 mm (H). Weight: 2.7 kg